Caroline and Friends


AAC Girls Blog

Small bits and bytes of information about Assistive Technology, AAC, and literacy.

AAC Intervention Website

Musselwhite and Maro’s website, including Tips of the Month, on topics about AAC and literacy.

AAC-Literacy (with Deanna Wagner)

A wiki about adapting the Four Blocks model from Cunningham & Allington to students with significant disabilities.

AT Overview Live Binder

A collection of resources about Assistive Technology.  Includes the categories of:

• Videos
• Favorite Websites
• Checklists
• Software Samples
Short url:  www.tiny.ATOverview


Balanced Literacy Live Binder (with Deanna Wagner)

A collection of resources from Musselwhite & Wagner – includes scores of links and downloads.
Short url:

SpedApps2 Wiki

A wiki by highly trained & experienced AT specialists, reviewing apps that might be useful in special education, including HOW to use them.  Related to Southwest Human Development.

Simplified Technology

This website is jam-packed full of ideas, tricks, tips, and resources to help individuals with complex communication needs.  Linda Burkhart, special educator extrordinaire, is the owner of this site.  Pay special attention to the handouts links.