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Augmentative/Alternative Communication Resources
AAC Institute
Alliance for Technology Access
Assistive Technology Viewer - NATRI at U of Kentucky
Auditory Scanning
Augmentative Communication News
ATTO:  Assistive Technology Training Online
Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center
Burkhart, Linda - Technology Integration in Education
California State University, Northridge - Center on Disabilities
CAST - Center for Applied Special Technology
Closing the Gap
ConnSENSE Bulletin
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DynaVox Page Exchange
Jane Farrall
Lekotek of Georgia - Check out the Products page!
Level Games:  Accessible Arcade Games
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Montgomery County Schools Preschool Site
News 4 You!
Selected Internet Resources for Communication Sciences & Disorders
Speech Pathology.com

Suite101, Assistive Technology
Switch In Time
Virtual Assistive Technology Center
WATI Home Page

Companies Offering Augmentative/Alternative Communication and/or Assistive Technology Products
Adaptivation, Inc.
Assistive Technology, Inc.
Attainment Company, Inc.
Creative Communicating
Creative Educational Surplus
DDA Home Page, home of Feature Match, Assessm...
DynaVox Systems LLC
Don Johnston Incorporated
Frame Technologies     
The Great Talking Box Company, Inc.
IBM Special Needs Home Page
Illinois Network for AAC
K & L Resources (EZ Writer Slantboard)  (703) 455-1503
LAB Resources
Lee Products Co.- Colored removable highlighting tape  1-800-989-3544
Mayer-Johnson Company
Prentke Romich Company Home Page
RJ Cooper's Software, hardware, and Assistive...
Saltillo Corporation
Semantic Compaction Systems
Simtech Publications
TASH International INC., Ontario Canada
Zygo Industries
Zygo - Arizona

Computer Access
Apple - Apple's Worldwide Disability Solutions Group
EASI - Equal Access to Software and Information
Madenta - Hardware and software for computer access
TRACE - Software Toolkits Freeware/Shareware for Mac and Windows

Downloadable Internet Resources
Mayer-Johnson Company
RIDE Project
Paul's Picks Shareware Library
Schwab Foundation for Learning's Assistive Technology Guide

Emergent Literacy
Literacy and AAC - Dr. David Koppenhaver
700+ Great Sites for Children's Literature & Language
The Official Eric Carle Web Site
Speech Pathology.com - Article on using props with Story Retelling

Family Resources
Assistive & Adaptive Computing Technology in Special Education
Disability Solutions: A Resource for Families and Others Interested in Down Syndrome and Related Disabilities
Family Village
Communicating Partners
Parents Helping Parents

The Learning Studio

Learning Disabilities
LD Resources

ASHA - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
CAMA - Communication Aids and Manufacturers Association
ISAAC - International Society for AAC
USSAAC -United States Society for AAC

Pics4Learning   Thousands of images donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Permission granted for teachers and students to use.


Scanning Worksheets into the Computer


Special Education Resources
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
Power of 2
Circle of Inclusion
Online Academy
Scottish Council of Education Technology  FREE Big Friendly Calculator for Macintosh
Special Education Technology - includes an on-line newsletter
Special Education Technology Practice Journal

Teacher Resources
A World of Kindergartens
Preschool Education
Teacher Resources

Training Strategies
For individuals with autism spectrum disorders:
http://members.aol.com/Room5/welcome.html - Room 5 is a classroom web page dedicated to helping parents and teachers of students with autistic spectrum disorders.
http://www.pecs.com/ - Picture Exchange Communication System

Using Picture Schedules:
http://www.nfb.org/calbox.htm - Describes the use of a calendar box for individuals with visual and hearing impairments
http://www.talklc.com/handout/Outline.html - Talk, Learn, Communicate
http://www.grodencenter.org/cpr2.html- Picture rehearsal

For Preschool Activity Ideas:

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory - 6 Traits
Paperwork Literacy

Voice Recognition
Dragon Systems - The Natural Speech Company
Speaking to Write: Realizing the Potential of...
Unixspeech:  Mac Speech Recognition
Synapse Adaptive Access & Productivity Tools:  Speech Recognition for Macintosh
Voice XPress

On-Line Newsletters
Discover:News!from Don Johnston Incorporated
The LD Reader from Richard Wanderman
ADD:  The Topic Setter - this quarterly AAC newsletter is prepared by Pati King-DeBaun and Caroline Musselwhite
ConnSENSE Bulletin - Provides information on assistive technology: articles, resources, Washington, DC Updates & more!
Limitations - from the Prentke Romich Company

http://espse.ed.psu.edu/SPLED/McN/emp/recruitmentform.html  Research Project investigating strategies to improve employment outcomes for individuals who require AAC, Contact:  David McNaughton, Assistant Professor, 227 CEDAR Building, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, (814) 865-7159, FAX (814)-863-1002, DBM2@PSU.EDU
textHELP - Text-to-speech reading and writing products for Mac and Windows

ACOLUG:  Augmentative Communication On-Line Users Group
To subscribe, go to:  http://www.temple.edu/inst_disabilities/ACOLUG/join.html

AT Outcomes:
To subscribe, send an email message to: majordomo@snow.utoronto.ca
No subject
in the body type: subscribe atoutcomes jane.doe@bla.net
Replace jane.doe, etc. with your email address and do not add a signature, or else type "end" under your subscribe line.

Auditory Scanning Listserv:
� To join the listserv, please send an Email to
audscan@espse2.ed.psu.edu .
� On the Subject line, please write

Additional information on the listserv is also available at

Communicate:  A Resource for Speech Professionals working with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Sign up for their listserv at their website:  http://www.communicate.homestead.com/

Parents of children who have Autism: Contact:   Jenny Wendling at:   mjw28@aol.com   The list is called communicating@

QIAT:  Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services
Site and listserv maintained by Joy Zabala.  Site contains handouts from Joy's 1998 Closing the Gap presentation including:  Sample Intervention Standards and Sample Evaluation Standards