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Tip 1 for 2019
Vote By Letter:  Evaluative Feedback
Tip 2 for 2019 
Making Movies on your iOS device





Vote by Letter:  Evaluative Feedback

Voting by letter is a great activity for helping students have a ‘real’ purpose for figuring out initial sounds in words.  This tip describes how to give evaluative feedback to supporting:
  • Onsets: initial vowels, digraphs, or blends
  • Vowels: especially vowels that are ‘obvious’ such as /a/ in cat or /i/ in ice 
This strategy helps students move beyond guessing, by:
  1. Comparing their choice to the correct choice
  2. Showing them what word their choice would make




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Making Movies on Your iOS Device

Using videos to model language, engage, and entice participants, and for general story telling is a great way to involve team members, particularly when they can be a part of the action.  This month's tip contains handouts for using 3 simple video tools that are free for iOS users, and 1 video converter that works with both Windows and Mac platforms.  Principles can be extended beyond the iOS platform.  For example, try the following techniques.


A) Video feedback:  have a photo and some letter that a ‘student’ scribbled - okay to fake it;  think of ONE idea that you might share:  ex:  picture of child swinging - letters:   RGMLPPHRD

You would: 
1) take a photo of the photo + scribble
2) Open the photo in Doodle Buddy
3) Turn on screen recording and say - “You wrote an H (underlining it).  I wonder if the H stands for happy because you look happy.  Let’s write it:  h - a - p - p - y (writing the letters using the drawing tool)
4) Turn off screen recording & show them the movie

B) Reading a short book & making it a video:  
1) Find a book on Pictello, etc.  
2) Turn on screen recording
3) Read the book slowly
4) Turn off screen recording & show them the movie

In addition to screen recording, other apps mentioned include iMovie and CLIPS.  Clips adds the feature of automatic captioning via their "live titles".  Another great resource is to attend a free Apple Store class to learn about iPhone and iPad movie techniques.  "Video Lab: Small Screen Magic" introduces the concept of jump cuts.  Fun movie magic can be made when you use Clips and Jump cuts to Teleport ( actor travels from one time or place to another); Disappear (One actor desappears in the middle of a scene); or Swap (Two actors swap clothing, like jackets or hats in the middle of a scene).  Different filters and stickers can add pizzazz.



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